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Electric Shock Bracelet That Help You Get Rid of Bad Habits

Admin 19/06/2019 0
Everyone has some habits that they would like to get rid of. And my guess is that you have probably tried, and failed. It’s not your fault. Habits are hard to break because they are deeply embedded in our brains from constant repetition.But a device is taking a technological approach to helping you cut of the patterns that causes these bad habits. Meet Pavlok. View image on Twitter RushReads@RushReads  Shocking new invention! Amazon is selling a bracelet that give you an electric ZAP: A bracelet will deliver an electric shock, which acts as an aversion therapy to help you kick bad habits you want to break. American start-up Pavlok's devices can be… http://dlvr.it/R6lV2r   11:04 AM - Jun 17, 2019 See RushReads's other Tweets Twitter Ads info...
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