Why is RAM so Important and What Does it Do?

Posted by Toyosi 15/09/2014 0 Comment(s)

It is very important to know what a RAM is and what is its function in a computer.

This is necessary because after all you are buying a piece of equipment that will most likely store a majority of your personal information and hopefully last you a few years. For those two reasons alone people tend to put as much effort into researching computers, as they do to cars and other more expensive investments.

On the other hand, a strong population of people are so loyal to certain brands (*cough* Apple) that they do not research optional products as much as they could/should and tend to over pay for what they can get elsewhere.

Many people consider memory, or RAM (Random Access Memory) to be the most important aspect of a computer. Rightfully so, RAM has a lot to do with the speed, and overall performance of your computer and when it comes to memory more is never a bad thing. So, why are people paying over $1,000 for MacBook Pro’s when they have half the memory of computers, such as  HP Pavilion that only costs a little over $600.

I will explain more in depth what RAM is and the different forms of RAM that should be considered when purchasing a computer.

Using listings from Best Buy’s website I will continue to compare the differences between a Mac and a HP and try to come to a conclusion as to why people pay nearly double for a computer that performs half as well as others.

RAM is essentially the core of your computer. It can be considered just as important as your processor, or hard drive. With the right amount of RAM on your computer the performance of your PC and the ability to support various types of software is optimized.

The overall performance of your computer is determined by how well your CPU and RAM work together. The more RAM your CPU as access to, the easier your  job becomes. This in turn enables a faster computer. If you do not have a sufficient amount of RAM,  then your CPU has to work much, more harder to transfer data, which severely damages the computer’s performance.

Random Access Memory also helps your system support softwares. Every piece of software requires a minimum amount of space and memory to be able to run smoothly. If your computer does not have enough RAM to support all the software systems you are running, or trying to run, they move so slow and this could be a bit frustrating.

 Additionally, if there isn’t enough storage room, the software might not run at all.

RAM is such a key element to how your computer functions that if one storage location out of a million is damaged your entire system can potentially crash.

SO, when next you are faced with your next laptop purchase, you should consider how much RAM is available. At beta laptops, we have systems with varieties of RAM capacity to fit into all of your need. So , start shopping  with us now.